"Small spaces can be most challenging.  I cannot thank Karl enough for his professional talent, patience, hard work, and partnership with me to fulfill a vision and dream at my period cape."

Sharon, Newcastle, NH


"We often hear "wow!" from visitors first viewing our new stone retaining wall.  The only problem with the wall is where it's located:  facing out towards the ocean where few visitors will see it.  But it is beautiful and we know it's there, and we know it will be there,, every stone in place, for decades.  Because we saw how Karl built it."

     -Bill and Sandy Thomas, Bremen, ME


"Karl of Sebago Stonework rebuilt a retaining wall, waterfront wall, and created steps to the water incorporating large stones from the property.  We couldn't be happier, he transformed our run down landscape to a structurally sound beautiful space.  The best bonus was a bench he added from some extra stone.  We were so happy with his work we also had him build a long desired dry laid retaining wall with granite posts and steps in our yard in Brookline, MA.  Karl is an amazing hard worker, craftsman, engineer, and artist who can work wonders with stone.  We can't recommend him enough."

     -Karen and Bob, Brookline, MA